Ways to Get Involved

If you are interested in joining DTFC or even another fundraising group here are a few steps to take.
 -First, you should contact our Executive Chairman, Anthony DaDamo, and send a simple email stating that you saw the website and are interested in learning more.  The contact information for Anthony as well as the other chairman are located on our
Contact Us page. Please feel free to ask us any questions in any particular area in which you are interested.  

- we will also have meetings and socials listed in our Updates and Forum. Feel free to stop by. Tell a friend!

 - If you are simply interested in learning more about THON, please visit

- Perhaps you have not interested in joining a group but would like to make a donation.  This can also be found at
www.thon.org, then click on donate now.  At the bottom of the page, there will be a drop box that gives you an option to choose an organization to to give credit for your donation.  If you know of or have relations with another organization this gives you an opportunity to help out.  If not, being that this is the DTFC website, we would greatly appreciate the credit of any donations.  Every donations is for the kids!